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Jetski Service

Dubike is one of the most famous Jetski service providers in the region, with all the experienced employees and well arranged facility, Dubike can be trusted and accountable for all the jobs they are assigned for.


For diagnosing and troubleshooting , the team is professional and direct to the point. With the special tools and custom equipments used to diagnose troubles and hidden failures, also the knowledge and experience they have for the past year makes them a tool to identify and rectify the trouble from the roots.


As for high performance jobs, Dubike has proven to be one of the leaders of Jetski services in the market, on engine building the team is trained and educated to perform jobs based on OEM and Racing standards. Head works and shimmings are done perfectly and with the optimum clearance. Boring and part selection is their speciality.


Tuning , They are the best in the area and they are capable to tune almost all the OEM ECUs with results competing the international companies with guaranteed results, the rider will feel the difference and will have no trouble to use the vehicle on a daily basis. As for the aftermarket ECUs such as Motec, Vi-pec, Powershot and etc. they are capable to tune with best results and satisfaction of the customer.


Jet pump work, is one of the speciality the workshop has. It is known that a good setup always gives the best output of the Jetski. They always go to the optimum performance of the jet and do all the blueprinting required to get the best results.


Fiber work, is another part that the workshop try to improve, they are capable of fixing any kind of jobs with standard marine fiber work. Customers are always satisfied with the work done by them.


Sea testing, is a service provided by the workshop to confirm and optimise the best output of the Jetski, also to make sure eliminating the troubles the customer may face.


Customer satisfaction is the first goal our workshop is aiming for.

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