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In 1994, Dubike workshop started as one of the leaders in ATVs servicing. The crew of the good technical background and long experience in ATVs dealing with the high ambient temperature and humidity which is the climate of this Middle-eastern country. Also there were many challenges for the team as the ATVs normally run on very fine sand and climb very steep hills in the desert.  So they should satisfy the customers always with good service and systematic troubleshooting to eliminate all the unexpected failures.

One of the most demandable services in the market is to generate more power out of the engine. With the performance parts available and with the racer technical knowledge, the workshop did many engines that lead the claiming hills and running reliable for seasons. This put the workshop in the lead of the workshop in the region.

During the past years, they win hundreds of trophies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Um Alquwain, Ras Alkhaimah, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait.

The team is capable to work with two stroke engine, four stroke engine and Turbo installing on any kind of engine. They did many custom engines as a request from the owner.

They have a small machinery shop that has a very large output. They customize all the requirements for the workshop with accurate tolerances with engineering background.

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